The Donut Man: A Trip down Memory Lane

Last night I was chilling in the sitting room with my soon-to-be-one-year-old nephew. It was raining and the cable network was disrupted due to the bad weather. I was thinking of ways to entertain him cos he was getting all fussy and longing for his mum. That’s when I remembered the Donut Man.

 The Donut Man was an integral part of my childhood. While my mom was committed (and is still is) to our prayer and Bible study life, my dad was committed to worship and service. My dad bought the first Donut Man tape when I was 8 and my brothers and I would spend hours glued to the TV watching the Donut Man. We knew every song in every series. Back then we used VHS and my dad would buy every Donut Man tape he could find. The last Donut Man tape my dad bought was when I was 15 and by then CDs and CD Players were in vogue. My dad bought it for my 4-year old sister. It was her turn to learn what the older siblings had learned.

I don’t know if the Donut Man ministry still operates or if they still release content. I was thinking of where one could find any of their CDs in 2020. If I could lay my hands on any then I would get for my nephew since his birthday is only in a few days. I was thinking of searching the web for it when I remembered YouTube. I opened my YouTube, found some of the songs, and started playing them for my nephew.

Listening to those songs was so nostalgic for me and even brought a tear or two to my eyes. The melodies, the rhythm, the little kids’ voices instantly transported me back to a time when life was perfect and dad was with us and there were no worries. Here was the little kid in me gladly singing along and cheering on my nephew. My nephew joyfully danced along while I sang jumping up and down/jumping up and down/jumping up and down/shout Hosanna/Hosanna. We ended up singing and dancing to several songs from the Donut Man. May God bless Rob Evans for the positive impact he had on so many kids.

Listening to those songs made me realize how lucky I was to have had the childhood I had and how lucky I was to have been born in the 90s, a time when the media was innocent and not as corrupt as it is right now. These days there is no spiritual or inspirational content for kids. Everything is corrupted and meant to push one evil agenda or the other. Raising a kid these days won’t be as easy as it was back then. There is a lot out there meant to corrupt their innocent minds and parents have to go the extra mile to protect them from all this evil. Without God’s guidance and wisdom, it is even more tedious and frustrating.

Just last week Netflix came under fire for the movie “Cuties” which was accused of sexualizing little girls. I don’t use Netflix but I came across the trailer for the movie on twitter and I couldn’t even watch past a minute of the trailer. The world is getting more and more dangerous for kids. Every day I hear or read of child abductions and trafficking and my heart bleeds. I don’t have a kid yet but I get anxious whenever I think of raising a child. Only God can help us. I believe there are child-centered ministries committed to the spiritual growth of children and I pray God continues to give them the grace to carry out the work he has called them to do. I pray for every parent that God helps them and empowers them to raise these little ones in the right way.

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  1. I loved the Donut Man! Rather, our daughter Kelly loved him. He actually came to our church when she was still a toddler, and she was so excited. We eventually had to take her out to the car, because she was totally out of control! >sigh< You know how those groupies can be. 😉
    I have seen a lot of new Christian materials coming out for kids lately. I think with the pandemic and and everyone pretty isolated, some people have hunkered down and started creating new things for kids. God bless them!
    PS. I am putting the finishing touches on a children's book and working on the illustrations with an artist that is a good friend and goes to my church. 🙂


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